Apparently in the twinkling of an eye it happened again and an old year came to an end, a new one is just around the corner.

Everything was possible in 2020, but nothing as planned.

COVID 19 affects us all – whether, hopefully not, in health form, but at least economically. A year that we will not forget, not only because of the special number.

But without the bad times we would not appreciate the good ones, a wise philosopher once said.

So the year 2021 is just around the corner:
in new splendor, just like new years do.
Shy, because Corona is still ubiquitous – more than ever.
With a sack full of hope and confidence.
With a lot of joy and breathtaking moments that are just waiting to be experienced.
And especially for us: with special objects and a special birthday.

The Immobilien Netzwerk is celebrating its 10th birthday in summer.

Let’s give the new year the chance to be a very special one and, towards the modest 2020, to become even more beautiful, more intense and more impressive than we would have ever imagined.