Happy Birthday

The time flies by.

It`s been already 6 years since the Immobilien Netzwerk Seefeld opened its doors in Münchnerstrasse 33 in Seefeld.

In June 2011.

Six years later the team is still working with the same zeal and heart blood as the years before:

“These six years have passed so quickly,” recalls CEO Lisa Grießer.
“We have got to know great people, conveyed beautiful objects and helped many customers to their personal idea of ​​happiness, which feels really good.”

Also Seniorboss and real estate consultant Anni Grießer-Jäger looks back on beautiful six years.

“If you do not love to do this job every day, you are in the wrong place,” the heart of the real estate office is sure.
“This is already starting with the office itself, our lovingly decorated showcases, the welcoming and sympathetically decorated small office right in the pedestrian zone, the flowers out in the front – all this may be secondary to most of the people if they are watching obviously – but if you feel good, you are ready to work with people and to get involved with him, and that is the only way to find their dream property. ”


Seniorboss Manfred Grießer is the real estate management expert.
He is not responsible for the flowers at the office.
And believe us – that is ways better. For everyone.

“The decorating and care of the customers is owned by my two ladies,” laughs the only man in the office.
“It is particularly important for me to be always up-to-date and to provide clients with the most accurate information on the costs of buying or selling their real estate. You have to know which costs are coming up to you and that`s what I am here for.”

Together, the three look back on six successful and beautiful years.


And just keep saying:
Hopefully to the next six … and many more.